The Stories of Jewelers’ Row

One of the main purposes of this blog is to collect and share stories and histories about the people that live and work on Jewelers’ Row and in the rest of the country’s oldest jewelry district.

The stories will come from interviews and oral histories collected from the jewelers and will shed light on the row’s incredibly rich and storied past. Many of the jewelers that currently live and work on Sansom St. have a generational connection to the row’s past, whether their family has lived and worked on the row for multiple generations or they learned their craft from those who came before them.

To tell the story of Jewelers’ Row is to tell of family, community, and a legacy that has endured since the 19th century.

The first oral history was collected through an interview with Joshua Hyman of J. Hyman & Co. whose family has lived, worked, and owned buildings on Jewelers’ Row since the 1930s. His story is one of continuing an incredible tradition begun by his great-grandfather. We can’t wait to share it with you.


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